Info on my biggest project: Halcyon

So I haven’t posted much about this book I’m working on. It was originally titled The Society but I changed it. Basically, I’m trying to write it as a full length, hopefully passing the 60-70k mark! I’m almost at 40k right now, spending my entire summer working on it. I’ll post more about it later!



So I have taken some time to experiment with some free verse poetry. Aside from my usual poetry written out of angst, I tried to first develop a style I want to write in with no particular emotion in mind. Being successful in one I found rather unique, I thought I’d share it with y’all!

Why by Renee

Who      would dare to let it go
               a package deal with memories
               gone forever and ever
               like every laugh shared
               trip then fall into love or dark.
What     in the world could make me
               feel like that again
               the carelessness and
               carefree feeling of a
               3AM love
Where   all we did was stare
               into each other’s eyes
               tangled and entwined
               beauty with no lies
When    a love like that is so
               hard to come by
               and so hard to savor –
               don’t let it slip.
Why      would you regret
               something that made you feel
               as human as you have ever felt
               as alive as you remember

Why      would you let it go.