Project of the Year

Hey everyone! Happy new year!

I’ve got an entire massive bucket list, which I will be aiming to do as many as I can when I see the chance! How about you guys?

I have decided to undertake a project of the year, where I will be writing a whole new kind of genre! YA Contemporary 🙂 I’ve got a basic idea planned out, and I will be starting it soon! My aim will be to reach over 50,000 words, and hopefully over 70,000! I will be handing the manuscript to a carefully selected list of people for feedback and comments, like some close teachers, my best friend in Singapore, and my cousin.

However, I’ve got two ideas that could possibly work, but I really want to get one of them down to 50,000 this year, so I might have to pick. One of them is called Time of Our Lives, and the other is Stardom. I’ll keep you all posted!

Renee 🙂