Another New Novel!?

Since my last post, I have managed to finish writing the novel within a month, therefore winning Camp Nanowrimo! yay! But, there is no such thing as too little ideas. I have started writing another novel, which I expect will be much much better from the one I had last posted. It isvery very different from what I normally write (fantasy, mystery, paranormal) but I hope you like it! I’ll post the prologue here, like I did last time :)



If you asked me what life was, I’d probably just say it’s breathing. That’s all you do right? If you stop breathing, you’re dead. If you are breathing, you’re alive. That’s all life simply is. Breaths that you inhale then exhale the next second.

But if you asked me that same question three years ago, I’d say life is the way people smile. The way people laugh. The scent of chicken wings around the corner that you can’t help but drool at even though you’ve just finished eating dinner. I’d say life is a never ending roller coaster of happiness that sinks a little sometimes but that’s all part of the ride.

You’re probably wondering, what happened to her?

Well, wouldn’t you like to know.

After all, a lot can change within the span of a day. We could be having the time of our lives one second, then we’d be asking what life is the next.


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