New Novel + Sneak Peak!!

Well, as you can see by the title, I am writing a new novel! I have yet to decide on the title, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak, since I do intend on publishing it either by the end of the summer or the end of 2014. (yay!) If you are a fan of mystery, paranormal, and books that keep you on your toes, then this is the right book for you!

(This book deals with problems like anorexia, family pressure, and friendship problems.)

“A fascinating story about friendship, trust, and betrayal. You will be hooked from the beginning to the end!” -me :D

     I stared down at my body. I was wearing a white dress, the one I was supposed to wear to my cousin’s wedding next month. I also wore oneof my favorite white flower crowns. My face was just the same, almost as if I was simply sleeping on a normal night. Mom knew I hated makeup, so she made it simple. I almost looked alive. Almost. I lookedaround my surroundings to see everyone I had ever smiled at, with red eyes, crying at my funeral. The funeral ground seemed too small to fit all these people I am proud to have known.
     But amongst my mom, my dad, my brother, friends, family, teachers, acquaintances, something did not feel the slightest bit right.


     Meet Tori Woods – bright, social, and had the best grades in her entire sophomore year. She had a wonderful personality that everyone liked. 

     She had big dreams.

     She had big plans.

     She wanted to become a therapist, an author, a lawyer, or a singer. 

     But on the night of the school party celebrating the last week of sophomore year, she was mysteriously murdered. Only four people were there to witness the “accident”. The only thing discovered was that she died in a strange, planned car crash. The bright living soul that flickered and dimmed into nothing.

     Along with some new ghostly friends, she stays in her world as a ghost to solve her murder. If she doesn’t, she’ll be stuck between worlds, never able to peacefully cross to the other side.



What would you have done if you knew it was the last day of your life? Better yet, if you knew it was the last week of your life? Who would you have spent it with? What would you be doing? 

I’d be calling up my family from all over the world to tell them I love them, I’d hug my friends and spend a day with them, I’d keep reminding my parents I love them, and finally for myself, I’d finish writing a novel, edit it, then send it off to a publisher. Even if I can’t complete all my dreams, I’ll at least be able to make my mark on this world. 

Maybe I would’ve done something rebellious, like sneak out of the house in the middle of the night with hundreds of post-it notes and a Sharpie and bike to school, I’d probably explain to the guard my situation and then write “You’re beautiful, I love you” on the notes and put them on every single locker in the school. Or splatter different paints onto my plain white wall.

Something I definitely would’ve done was organize everything in my room into four  categories: sell, keep, give to cousins, and give to friends.

I’d probably leave little notes all over the house for my parents and brother to find. Maybe I’d do it to all of my friends houses.

But life doesn’t give you any preparations for what is to come. 

You only know you’re about to die when you feel too tired to even close your eyes, and your lung feels too heavy to support simply another breath. You feel yourself pulled in a current of memories that barely last a second, and everything in the world stands still.


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