Info on my biggest project: Halcyon

So I haven’t posted much about this book I’m working on. It was originally titled The Society but I changed it. Basically, I’m trying to write it as a full length, hopefully passing the 60-70k mark! I’m almost at 40k right now, spending my entire summer working on it. I’ll post more about it later!



So I have taken some time to experiment with some free verse poetry. Aside from my usual poetry written out of angst, I tried to first develop a style I want to write in with no particular emotion in mind. Being successful in one I found rather unique, I thought I’d share it with y’all!

Why by Renee

Who      would dare to let it go
               a package deal with memories
               gone forever and ever
               like every laugh shared
               trip then fall into love or dark.
What     in the world could make me
               feel like that again
               the carelessness and
               carefree feeling of a
               3AM love
Where   all we did was stare
               into each other’s eyes
               tangled and entwined
               beauty with no lies
When    a love like that is so
               hard to come by
               and so hard to savor –
               don’t let it slip.
Why      would you regret
               something that made you feel
               as human as you have ever felt
               as alive as you remember

Why      would you let it go.

Camp Nanowrimo Local Write Ins

So I’m at the local write in at the moment! I know I should be writing my novel, but I can’t resist tell you guys with all the really pretty and cool lights above my head! A complete couple of hours of straight writing. Simply amazing. Aiming to slay 1000+!

Update: Slayed over 1K! I must say that this was a very productive writing session. I should just turn off the internet for one hour per day and see how much I can get done! 😀

Camp Nanowrimo and Project of the Year

I’ll be honest and say I have been slacking off on my project of the year. I didn’t write at all during February. Call it a major writer’s block. But the good thing is, I’ve picked it up again! I’m going to be writint 300 words per day to not only make up for it, but also so that my end product will be at least 71,000 words! Although there have been a few days I’ve been slacking off a bit, I write a thousand words to make up for it.

I’m joining Camp NaNo this month, and I’ll be going to some of the local Write-Ins (which is going to be a super cool experience since it’s Spring Break at the moment). Using Camp Nano, I’ll not only reach the target word goal of the month, but I’ll also be able to have a pretty good headstart to May!

Camp Nanowrimo really needs to be a monthly thing.

UPDATE: Project of the Year

Hey Everyone!

I have decided that my Project of the Year is going to be called “Stardom”! I got around to writing about 500 words today. Keeping in mind all the books I have read, I tried to make the first sentance as engaging as possible because that is the only thing readers will read when they open the book before they flip to a random page. – Well, that’s what I do, at least.

During the course of the year, it means I will have to write about 142 words per day (a pretty good number) to get to 50,000 words. But I want to finish writing this some time in November so I will still have December to edit, and I want to get this novel to 60,000 words, so do the math and that will be around 200 words per day, which is still a really good number to set myself on. (This post itself is 227 words)

For this book, I am planning to use lyrics as chapter titles, so it will be like a soundtrack for the book as people keep on reading it! I’m still in the experimentation stage of writing YA Contemporary novels so I will need some suggestions and input on it! I’m debating whether I should post an excerpt online to see what kind of feedback it can get, but we’ll see.

I’ll keep you updated!

Project of the Year

Hey everyone! Happy new year!

I’ve got an entire massive bucket list, which I will be aiming to do as many as I can when I see the chance! How about you guys?

I have decided to undertake a project of the year, where I will be writing a whole new kind of genre! YA Contemporary 🙂 I’ve got a basic idea planned out, and I will be starting it soon! My aim will be to reach over 50,000 words, and hopefully over 70,000! I will be handing the manuscript to a carefully selected list of people for feedback and comments, like some close teachers, my best friend in Singapore, and my cousin.

However, I’ve got two ideas that could possibly work, but I really want to get one of them down to 50,000 this year, so I might have to pick. One of them is called Time of Our Lives, and the other is Stardom. I’ll keep you all posted!

Renee 🙂